Friday, October 2, 2015

Some of the Details....

I have been meaning to write this for some time to help answer some of the questions we are often asked about the twins. Life has been a little crazy at our house recently with two sick toddlers but now that they both seem to be on the mend I find myself with a quiet few moments. First here is a little sneak pic of the babies! They are pictures of the ultrasound pictures so not the greatest quality but I was so excited to recieve them in a text from our Expectant Momma!

  • Are the babies identical twins?
    • No, they are fraternal twins
  • What is the due date?
    • Due date is February 7th, 2016. We do expect them to be born in January as most twins are born between 34-37 weeks.
  • Where will they be born?
    • Pensacola, FL-this is the same law office we worked with for Ella's adoption in Tallahassee, FL but Twins' Expectant Momma is located in Pensacola.
  • Do we get to name the babies?
    • Yes we do! When we named Ella we did honor her birthmom in her name and wanted her to have that connection in her name with birthmom.  So Ella's middle name Shay is after her birthmom's middle name.  We really love this and hope to do something like this for the boys.
  • What will their names be?  Will they be E names?
    • You will all have to be surprised on this one! We like to wait to tell names til baby(s) are born.
    • Another surprise to wait for! We honestly did not plan to name our first two both starting with Es just happened to be the names we decided on. So you will have to wait and see!
  • Is it double the cost for a twin adoption?
    • No there is additional costs however.  Most legal documents and formalities have to be filed twice since they are two separate people.  So there are some costs that go up. It is not close to double just higher than we anticipated. 
  • Are we worried she will change her mind?
    • Honestly, no.  There is So much more to this question though.  We'd be lying if we said there is no risk, there is always risk in adoption, in pregnancy, in life.  We'd also be lying if we said the thought of her changing her mind never crosses our mind.  But its not something that we are truly worried about or think about often.  We do know that once the babies are born there is a 48 hour period of waiting for birthmom to sign papers terminating her rights and this time was the most emotional time we have ever experienced when Ella was born.  It will probably be that way again after these sweet boys are born. 
    • We are not in this adoption journey purely to grow our family.  It is also about an expectant mom who we feel we need to love unguarded right now.  Because if we put up a guard for ourselves, can we truly show her and these babies the love of Jesus?  It is also about babies needing families. The boys' sweet momma loves them so much she feels she needs to sacrifice her wants to provide a life for them she can not give at this time.  She is choosing life for them and we are here to love all three of them. 
    • We of course would have great heartache if in the end she chose to parent these babies.  We love them as ours right now and we love her so much too.  We want whats best for all three of them whatever that is.  We have faith that God sees the big picture and we are giving these risks to Him.  We feel God has placed these babies and their momma in our lives right now for more reasons than we know. 
    • We have faith in not only our Heavenly Father's plan for us but also in the adoption professionals we work with.  Both our adoption consultant and the adoption attorney have the best interest of our family and the expectant mom in the forefront of their minds and actions. We are so well cared for by both.  The law office does all they can to ensure expectant moms are confident in their decision before involving an adoptive family and honestly rarely sees failed matches.  Even more importantly, they take amazing care of these brave mommas! Which is one of the main reasons we chose to work with them.  
  • What is their race?
    • People often try to ask this or want to know but don't know how to ask this.  The twins are full African American beautiful baby boys!
  • Why is their mom placing them for adoption?
    • This is a question we have a simple answer for.  We believe it is the twins' story and we don't want to share with others until we have shared it with them.  As they grow we will share parts of their story age appropriately and then it will be their choice who They tell and When they tell.  So we aren't trying to keep things from you but trying to protect their story and respect that it is just that Their story. Adoption is talked about all the time in our household and that will continue.  Ella's birthmom is someone who is loved and cherished in our household and the same goes for this sweet momma.
  • How can we pray?
    • Pray for this sweet expectant mom's heart and health
    • That the babies would wait to arrive til they are strong and healthy and can avoid a long nicu stay in Florida.
    • Favor in finances for the adoption
    • Our family especially our two littles as they will have a big adjustment as we become a family of 6!!!
    • All the details and decisions of traveling as the time comes closer!
  • Thank you all for the many ways you have supported us already through this journey! Thank you for loving on us and these baby boys!

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