Monday, September 21, 2015

T-shirt Fundraiser

Please help bring our twins home!!  We’re doing a t-shirt fundraiser.  Short-sleeve $15 and long-sleeve $20 available in royal blue, forest green, navy, black, & red (see images below).  Sizes available are youth XS (2-4), youth small (6-8), youth medium, youth large, youth X-large, and adult small through X-large.  Add $2 for 2XL and $1 for each additional X.

Shipping:  Add $5 per order to have shirt(s) mailed to you.  We will deliver local to save you the cost!

We can accept cash/check in person or through mail.  PayPal is also available.  To pay via PayPal go to and click on the "Send" button at the top in the middle of the page.  It will ask for an email or phone number to send money too.  Enter and the amount and click continue.  On the next screen click the button that asks if your are sending money to "Friends or family".  From there just follow the rest of the instructions and you're good!

Facebook message Dave or Amy with your color choice, sleeve length, size(s) and payment choice or email  We will confirm your order with a response message.  The last date to order shirts is Sunday, October 11th.  If you want to just donate, you can to our MICAH Fund matching grant here:  All donations up to $4,000 are matched!  Thank you for your support!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Blessings In Twos...

Since the very beginning of our current adoption journey it seems good  news comes in pairs. Many times we have received some good news in the process of the adoption and then just an hour or so later we'd hear about a financial blessing.  After this happening a few times to us Dave said to me "Hey the trend seems to be we get two adoption blessings at once."   I hadn't thought about it until he said that and simply said "That's neat, God's really confirming we are on the right path."

Awhile ago, we opened an email with a subject line "Twins Situation."  Cue heart skipping a beat. Then I read a text message from our wonderful adoption consultation, Katie "Did you read your email?"  I had read and was waiting to hear from Dave (he was at work) about our response.  The minute I got a hold of Dave we both agreed to say yes. When we filled out our initial adoption paperwork we checked the yes box next to multiples not really thinking too much about it really even being a possibility.
Then we waited for a few days (which seemed like weeks) while a brave expectant mom read about us and looked at pictures of our family.  We prayed for her and her heart while she was making one of the most selfless decisions a mom can make. 

Then I got another text saying to call Katie when I had a minute (she knows there's two busy toddlers running around our house and can be hard to talk on the phone). So I called her, honestly not thinking it had anything to do with these two precious babies.  We chatted for a bit about our daily lives and then I began to wonder the real reason we were having this conversation.  

Katie said, "Well I'm calling to tell you that your family is about to get a lot bigger!" My reply, "Seriously??!!" And Katie said "Yes seriously." Then my heart was racing and I was almost in tears of joy and also tears of sadness for this brave momma who is putting the needs of her babies above hers in a selfless act of love and sacrifice.  

After getting off the phone with Katie I called Dave and said "We're gonna have twins!" I think his main response was laughter, a joyful laughter and I think just shock!

So we have been waiting for a few things to fall into place before sharing this with all of you and today Two amazing things happened.
  • We found out the babies are TWIN BOYS!!!! They are due February 7, 2016!
  • I was able to have a phone call with this sweet momma and it gave me such joy to hear her voice and talk to her!
So that's our super exciting Double Blessing but there's more....

To go along with our double blessings we have been given an opportunity to have any donations up to $4,000 Matched!!!  We received a matching grant through the MICAH fund.  If you are able to support us in this way please click the link here to donate:  This matching grant is a huge blessing and is much needed to help us continue to raise funds to be able to complete the adoption.  While adopting twins doesn't double the cost of the adoption it does increase the costs more than we had been planning for.  So any donations and sharing the donation link for us with your connections is greatly appreciated! 

Also please pray for these specific things:
  • Birthmom's health and heart 
  • Babies' health and that pregnancy would go to full term at least for twins!
  • Finances for the adoption
  • Our family as we prepare for this Huge tranistion
Thank you so much for all your support! We are so excited to share this news with you!
Dave, Amy, Ella, Emmett and Lemaster Twins!