Sunday, December 13, 2015

Twins Update

It is truly now that time where Any day we could get a phone call saying get on a plane Now!  We are always being asked what do you need? are you ready?

Well right now our biggest need is prayer specifically for our expectant mom and the babies.  She is 32 weeks today and was admitted to the hospital Friday as a precaution because she is showing signs of preeclampsia. She will most likely stay until the babies are born.  Please pray for her as she has a long hospital stay which is hard anyways and it is over the holidays.  Pray that bed rest will relieve her symptoms and the babies will wait to arrive for a while longer.  32 weeks is a big milestone for twin pregnancies but we are praying that God would keep them in the womb for 3 more weeks and they would be big and strong enough to avoid a long nicu stay in Florida.  We are so excited to meet them but know it is better for them to keep developing before birth.  Also we ask for prayers for our family as we prepare for traveling and growing by two! Pray that arrangements that need to wait til we know they will be born will fall into place and especially for Ella and Emmett as this is going to be a huge change.  Pray that whenever the babies are born they feel secure no matter who they are with as that all depends on when things happen.  We are hoping they will come with us along with Dave's mom but it just depends on how early the boys arrive.

This is what our house looks like today as we pack what we can now in an attempt to prepare for an unexpected call! The babies' things for the most part are packed and we are working on the rest of us.

Pack n Play for the babies in our room is ready to go! 

It is so exciting to see two car seats and their pack n play! We are anxious to meet them and still in awe of God's plan for our family! I can't help but remember back to the days when we wondered if the day would ever come where there would be children in our house and soon there will be Four amazing blessings.  God's plan and timing has been so much better than ours!

We did meet our matching grant amount which is a huge blessing! However we still have some money to raise to meet our fundraising goal! Our fundraising site will be turned off soon so that finances can be handled. Here is our tax deductible link if you would like to contribute financially:

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given us and our babies in So many ways already!

Dave & Amy
Ella & Emmett and
The Lemaster Baby Boys